He deserved it.

He opened the cages.

I crawled on my stomach.

Noemi has oily skin.

The class I have the most homework in is English.

The only thing I know about you is your name.


When the All Blacks came out onto the field a roar like 'woooaahh' swept over the crowd.

To our surprise, he won the grand prize.

That was a very delicate situation.

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I need to go to Chicago.

I think Johnnie is looking for his keys.

Has Hohn already left?


I'd like to meet them someday.

He clinched the election when he came out against a tax increase.

You should tell her what to do.

What's the fastest way to get downtown?

What's in the bottle?

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Little things often have big consequences.

Maybe you'd better call her.

He grimaced as if memories of his bitter past were crashing like waves inside his head.


I've never done anything like this before.

Hitoshi is afraid of my dog.

Ask Mysore if he enjoyed it.

Daniele can't be stopped.

The speaker cleared his throat.

Leads has been absent since last Monday.

I don't care about economics.

He shook his head as if to say "No".

Galen is the type of person who always demands that something be done rather than request that it be done.

Do I wanna know?

He opposes me at every turn.

Temperatures have reached -60C in Siberia.

She has had this house since 2010.

We've decided to hire her.

He was angry at himself.


You've thought about it, haven't you?

Nancy and Shakil send their apologies.

We are to have met yesterday.

It's just been a difficult few days for Joanne.

You think it was a mistake, don't you?

I wasn't worried about that.

Turkey is nice, as long as you keep your mouth shut.

Where do you think Eric is right now?

I bet you know French.

There is always the risk of losing all the data on your hard disk.

You've run into some trouble or something?


French words like "vin" give Americans trouble; but "meringue," a valuable clue, falls trippingly from the tongue.


I will be doing my homework.

He put on his sweater wrong side out.

I'd like to have these pants cleaned.

I need to warn my mom.

"Whose glasses are these?" "They are my father's."

What do you think Carolyn did?

Can't you come with us?


Gold is more precious than any other metal.

Sjouke, there's a call for you.

Deborah looks like he's been crying.


Not only did we go to Paris, but we also went to Rome.

I met one of my old teachers yesterday.

He sang and sang.

Talking of Mr Yamada, do you know what has become of his son?

I told Bobby it was urgent.

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If I don't do it now, I never will.

You'll have to study harder from now on.

However hard he worked, he did not become any better off.

That's basically what they're saying.

He was hard up.

Do I really need to write it explicitly?

Thomas is dead wrong.

Do not play on the roadway, it is very dangerous. Never play on the roadway!

When he returns from hunting, I will not speak with him.

Juri wishes that were true.

My stomach churned.

I'm walking in the park with my children.

Ruth is facing financial problems.


I hope you caught more fish than I did.

Even though Jack was tired, he was looking well.

I know you're hiding somewhere in this room.

Mr. Kato teaches us English.

I've been very careful.

It was announced that there is a high possibility of the fuel within the nuclear reactor of Nuclear Plant 1 melting.

Please send me a catalog.

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I've heard that Clark bought an expensive car.

Which one of those is yours?

Harris needs discipline.

Stanislaw named his cat Cookie.

Why don't you come to the movies with me?

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I showed Jeanne how to do it.


I don't quite know yet.

The judge listened to him with great patience. A kind look shone in his eyes. He became very much interested in the story; he felt moved; he almost wept.

I have trouble sleeping.


Clifford is swimming.

She watched him dance.

Wasn't that fantastic?


Roberta started singing along.

We're all a little scared, to be honest.

Stanley was totally confused.

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I need water.

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She knows what she wants.

You still seem to be avoiding Antonio.

Knute took part in the race.

It leaves you breathless.

Here's the one I like.

Steam is coming out of the engine.

I apologized to you for that.

Marcel is getting married this fall.

Let me go with her.

That sofa takes up too much room.

Roderick doesn't often listen to music.


We have a problem, Julie.

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I wanted to talk to you because I need your help.

However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.

Why when we are in love, we make each other hurt?

Don't let him know the truth.

Charleen embraced his son.

He wants the money.

Against the snow, the white rabbit was invisible.


You bastard, I'll kill you!


Nicolo said he would do it again.

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You make it look so easy.


You're just being nice.

Lynn says he can't trust himself.

Keep the change.

This is the way he treated me.

I helped carry those bags.


I want her.

All of us can speak French.

Please try to get along with your brother.

They were cracking up.

How is it that it's always at the bottom of the bag?

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It's unclear why Warren isn't here.

Do you want to meet somewhere later?

In brief, he was wrong.

He died of lung cancer.

Who's here?

She did what she promised to do for me.

Rajiv punched Clarissa in the stomach.

You should be ready for the worst.

He needs a new knee.

How much do you want to sell this?

You can't deny it.

Tomorrow is another day, but it won't be here until tomorrow!

We walked another hundred yards.

There's nothing else you can do.

I did nothing.

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Uncle Bob invited us to have dinner.

The gulf between the haves and the have-nots grows ever wider, to Victorian levels, even.

A wise man once said, "If Esperanto is an artificial language, then my car is an artificial horse".

That's not my car.

He's dying to see Seiko.


He is very kind today.


Please don't ever do that again.

Never make fun of someone who speaks a language poorly. It means they know another language.

Vincent ducked behind a car.


My hand is so numb with cold that I can't move my fingers.

Where's Mark? He's having a shower.

The notice sent to the supplier of goods to the buyer, that his order is executed.

That's why he did not go overseas to study.

The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding bureaucracy.


You should change your job if the occasion arises.

My mother's going to kill me.

Price found the door locked.

Ken has the experience necessary.

And who asked for your opinion?


That's all we know about her.

This is a big opportunity for you to show what you can do.

Final exams are coming up, so I'm busy.