I'll go tomorrow if the weather is good.

Is there anything else I need to know?


I'm afraid Ti will say no.

The flag unfurled in the wind.

Maureen tried to hide a smile.

The problem is that we don't have a lot of money.

Please put those on the table.

How did you vote on that matter?

Hostilities resumed between the two powers.

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They're enemies.

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She is great with child.

I want to thank everyone who helped me do this.

At a moment when our economy is growing, our businesses are creating jobs at the fastest pace since the 1990s, and wages are starting to rise again, we have to make some choices about the kind of country we want to be.

How can we prove it?

Large cracks started to develop in the concrete.

It doesn't seem so bad.

It is horrendous that the phenomenon of child soldiers still exists.

We flew from London to New York.

The bread is in the oven.

The train is leaving the station.

Come closer and you'll be able to see better.


Mitzi thought that Bruno loved her, but actually he just wanted to have sex with her.

I made an awful mistake in the test.

I want them on my team.


It's such a beautiful day outside.

Life is nothing more than a vacation between two slices of eternity.

That's a risk you have to take.

He saw the boy jump over the fence and run away.

A bunch of people were standing outside waiting.

It's cool this morning, isn't?

You'll see her.


Here, your sentence is now consigned to posterity!

We need to go visit Gary in the hospital.

Aristotle believed that the whole world was made of four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

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Judging from her appearance, she seems to be very rich.

Some are good, some aren't.

Father makes a point of taking a hot bath before supper.

It's an interesting book.

I keep a stress ball on my desk.

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He's a philanderer.

His remarks added up to a condemnation of my plan.

He lives in a large house by himself.


We didn't like to add this kind of jokes to our website.

I can't hear myself!

I have wishes.

I think you're not telling me something.

Can I get you some water?

Europe today is a political vassal of the USA.

Bach could transform music into pure melancholy.

It is said that he has passed the examination.

Hand me that lamp.

Mind yourself. That knife is sharp.

Is there anything else I need to take care of?

She reached up to kiss him.

Come to my office any time.

What else do you think Kate is planning to do?

Keep calm and carry on.

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You must keep the plan secret until someone notices it.

If I had enough money, I could buy it.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to translate jokes.

"I like traveling." "So do I."

At last, we reached California.


It would be remiss of me not to mention the risks involved.

I cannot switch the lamp on. The baby is sleeping.

My dog likes cats.

I'm really broke.

She has large breasts.

We're obedient.

Her bed is next to the wall.

You don't know how much this means to me.

That's a misunderstanding, for sure. You're giving me too much credit.

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Joel has only been gone a day.


Suu pulled into his garage, turned off the engine, and then got out of the car.

I can make sure that doesn't happen.

Whose room is this?

Greg has something to tell Damon.

Some people will believe anything they read.

It was an eye-opening experience.

I want your blood.

Kathy didn't write anything in his notebook.

Give me back my pencil.

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"I know how you really feel." "No, you don't!"

Don't tell me you can't read.

The police are treating his death as a case of murder.

I remember these faces.

I'm glad I'm not you.

None of this was a surprise.

What's the name of this bird?

"Thank you!" "It was my pleasure."

He absents himself from any party she is likely to attend.

I heard Lisa speaking French.

Lynne heard Jean-Christophe singing.


His cooking is of the classic French style that he studied in France.


Purportedly by means of the value derived from all the varied attributes of humanity.

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Jiri signed a waiver.

He leaned even closer.

They will have a good laugh when they see you like this.


We accept students like them.


How many times do you have to go to the dentist?


Help me find him.

Get in the car now.

That might be possible.


Let's pray for rain.


I went at once; otherwise I should have missed him.

He pretends that he's a stranger here.

I am glad I met you.

By registered letter?

I hear someone singing.

It is not important whether we win the game or not.

Claudia says this is what he really needs.

At times, we've struggled to keep the promise of liberty and equality for all of our people.

It's Kay who needs convincing.


Sjaak is mentally handicapped.

Why don't we take Hughes there?

Tidy up a bit and we'll go to the movies.

Eugene was happy working in the garden.

There are a lot of places to see around here.

I'm afraid I have no experience.

We are astonished at the shot.

Oil may not last for another hundred years.

It makes little difference to me whether you believe it or not.

You have a responsibility to explain that behavior to me.

Is Murthy really planning on helping Travis?


I heard that you ate steak for dinner last night.

Let's forget about that.

Right now, I want to speak Lojban.

How can I thank you?

Our team is in the cellar.

I always thought Vicki was funny.

He is a nice man, except that he talks too much.


You didn't have to stoop so low.

I want this to be over.

It will be best if you stay at home to rest today.

I was right there with Nora at the time.

I have nothing to say to Giovanni.

Delbert mucks out the stable almost every day.

What is your dream?


Can you wake me up at 7:00 tomorrow?

I'm going back to get my briefcase.

I don't want to bother her.

I told Leung what Judith told me.

Jack doesn't need to be told that.

Do you think Bruno is unreliable?

In a sense, it is true.

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This is cute.


Will you have to tell her?

She dried her face on a towel.

She went straight to bed.

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Accept your nerdhood. Be proud of your nerdhood!

That's not the case.

I have very few really close friends.

I thought Bruce would leave that part out.

I have to finish this.

I got there early and was able to get a seat in front.

The new model will be priced at $12,000.


Where might the strangers be?

Jianyun had several photos of Tanya hanging on his wall.

I'm really feeling kind of strange.

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The weather was getting worse and worse.

Did you take her back to your apartment?

I'd like two slices of toast and a cup of tea.

You seem like a nice girl.

That's the main gate.

I like to spend winters in Germany.

Major is too young to be doing that.

We should hire her.

I'll never forget visiting Paris last summer.


You need to be out of here by 2:30.