Honesty doesn't pay.

His driving was against traffic rules.

I felt attracted to Pratt.


Does Raymond run every day?

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I didn't participate in the conversation.

Edgar's not at all happy with the situation, but is prepared to accept it.

The Secretary General is making a last-ditch effort to negotiate a peace treaty between the two warring factions.

Hsi died of a drug overdose.

I would rather stay at home than go to the movies tonight.

Jesse was the pitcher.

These aims are an important part of the regional development strategy.

They know very well who we are, and what we can do.

Sergiu has lost a lot of blood and the doctors are worried.

The climate of Canada is cooler than that of Japan.

Does he have to run so fast?

He is a carpenter by trade.

Why don't you go home now?

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I wish you'd give me a little more time.

I'm not frightened.

Sorry you had to wait.

It was raining into the bargain.

Beth looked after our dog while we were away.

Perhaps we shouldn't be doing this.

We climbed the steep slope.

I would have been in real trouble but for your help.

Are you already thinking of a replacement for Brandy?

I warned Marion to stay away from Trying.

I proved the fact on the strength of the data.

Great people are not always wise.

It's cold in my city, Warsaw.

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Stagnation means regression.

Please tell me which railway line to use from the airport to downtown.

I will go on a trip.

Our culture, our language, our logic, and even our sense of self are all given through the way in which our specific sociohistorical environment structures reality through signs.

Hy has promised to go to Boston with us.

He kept on reading the book.

I don't care how much it itches. Don't scratch it.


We have food in abundance.


The tree is secreting sap.

Barry lay in bed staring up at the ceiling.

Guido doesn't drive as fast as Nathan.

They both looked at him.

I haven't heard from Jiri in a couple weeks.

She wants to extend the no-smoking area.

How much is the kilo of tomatoes?

He grew up to be an engineer.

I called him a coward to his face.

Pregnant women usually buy bigger size panties.

Dori never had children.

I'm waiting for him.

Akira will stay in New York while his money lasts.


Mu shu pork is my speciality.

I guess I just got carried away.

Seventy percent of people in the UK cannot speak a second language.

I asked him.

He went to bed.

You've got to be careful.

I find the problem easier than I originally believed it to be.

When he would not give them higher pay, they went on strike.

The end, so long good bye!

We plan to visit Boston next spring.

I'm a member of the glee club.

Vinod could stay at our house for a couple of weeks if he needs to.

Between continents are oceans.


Maybe I'll just wander off on my own.

"Would you like some tea?" "Yes, please."

Then came the time to shoulder the whole responsibility.

I learned that a long time ago.

May I go to the river?

Jeffrey will be back in three hours.

My father went to Hong Kong on business.

Could I talk to you a second?

That's not as simple as it looks.

Jacques and Ahmed announced their engagement today.

Shouldn't you be cleaning the attic?

I'm not going to tell them.

I'm not going to be able to go to Boston with Randell tomorrow.

I just feel awful.

Leigh has had a heart attack.

The teacher didn't keep her word.

What kind of bed would you advise us not to buy?

God! What a beard you have! You look terrible! You're going to scare away the children.

God helps those who help themselves.

I did it already.

Follow your own path and let people talk.

I want you to destroy all this.

I didn't find it.

You're a child.

An alligator snapped his arm off.


Did you call a tow truck?


Advertisers can target ads on Facebook based on users' profiles.

I think Marie was only bluffing.

Niels knows this is true.


Who has a problem with that?

She's a real estate agent.

Only 3 out of the 98 passengers survived.

We'll deal with this ourselves.

I know Clifford isn't alone.

Did you get someone to look after the child?

Arlene is taking Pontus out to dinner tomorrow.


He owes his success to his parents.

Not being tall isn't a disadvantage.

The iPad would be a better product if it could handle Flash.

Tony tried to distract the police so Helge could escape.

Tommy followed Siping into the office.


It was a good buy.

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An example is a suggestion, not an order.

She says that she loves flowers.

People lost faith in banks.

I didn't want to worry her.

I can't remember when I first met Galen.

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The company decided to hire two new secretaries.

The young boy pulled on his mother's coat.

Thanks to you, I've learned a lot.

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This story is based on a true story.

I'm a country boy.

He's in love with that girl.

He said that the piecemeal solution of the government will not work.

I'd very much like to hear your opinion.


I made Subra laugh.


Can one be honest without appearing arrogant?

We were so excited that we couldn't sit still.

I don't blame her for this.


This train runs nonstop to Nagoya.

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Dalhalla offers 20-25 events each summer, from June to September, and the program includes both opera performances and shows/concerts in many different music styles.

You must study your whole life.

I hope you'll join us.

There are also other choices.

Has something else happened?

The idea of surprising her suddenly crossed my mind.

Julianto hates parties.


I don't rest them against the wall.

The characters created by Walt Disney are known by kids from all the world.

The detector has detected something, but I don't know what it is.


He married a rich girl.

Pierette needs glasses.

I saw Miek's daughter last week.

Isn't this the boy you were talking about?

Who is the Assistant Manager?

Ted didn't seem to understand your explanation.

Do not rely on the room clock for the accurate time of day.

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Do you think we should raise prices?


I know that Clark works very hard.

We only have a three hours left.

The police have been searching for the stolen goods for almost a month.

Louis and Tollefsen are very happy together.

There are no roses in the garden.

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I got that from them.

I've been following you.

You have a healthy baby boy.

I must have been out of my mind.

I know how you felt about him.

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Gerard pumped up the tyre.

He is quite clearly out of danger.

I came to give you this.


Can you spy the cat among the pigeons?


Torsten appeared relieved to see me.

Brandon's eyes sparkled.

I'm really sorry about what happened last night.


He wants justice.

We're playing cards.

Hui dances.

Nicholas is trying to ignore Earl.

That serves him right.

Lance's trial resumes Monday.

Masanobu dropped the ball.

I had one.

We stayed clear.

You didn't have to do this.

In the cemetery, there is a statue of a snake biting its own tail.