Stock Control Made Easy

Simple yet powerful way to manage your beverage inventory.


Save Time and Money

We’ve created BARFLOW to help Managers and Owners with their time-consuming inventory management duties, including Stocktaking and Ordering. Getting started is easy, no training needed.

Cut Stocktaking Time by 50%

Stocktaking can be done from multiple mobile devices at once, saving you time while improving accuracy thanks to our unique and user-friendly interface.

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Easy Centralised Orders

Create and send purchase orders based on real-time inventory data to all your suppliers at once, with a single click, using our cloud-based web dashboard.


One-click Consumption Reports

Track how much stock was used so you can spot variances, quickly identify top moving products or dead stock. Share your reports with head office or export them as Excel sheets.

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Redin Dokaj
‎Operations Director at House Bars Ltd.

“BARFLOW helps us save more than 50% of the time spent on stocktaking and orderings.”

Great Features

Cloud Based

No need to buy expensive hardware, it works from your smartphone and computer.

User Roles

Fine-grained access control, Staff, Manager and Admin level accounts are supported.

Live Data

All of your data is automatically synced to the cloud keeping you always up-to-date.

Data Export

Your data can be exported anytime to Excel, so you can use it the way you want.

Product Catalog

We have 10,000+ of products to choose from with the ability to add your own.

Safe Archives

Stock reports and purchase orders are saved so that you can access them anytime from anywhere.

Import Wizard

Setting up your venue can be done easily with our easy-to-use import module.

Multiple Venues

Access and manage unlimited sites from a single user account.

Works Offline

Our iOS app works in basements and cellars or anywhere without Internet access.

limited time only

Sign-up for FREE Access

We are currently in beta and looking for new users to join our platform before the official launch. For businesses signing up now we offer:

  • Forever free plan for one venue
  • One-to-one product demo session
  • Assisted venue setup
  • Dedicated phone/email support
This offer is valid for a limited time only, make sure to reserve your spot now!