How do you say 'a cat' in Hebrew?

Do you read something besides the Bible?


Did you sleep yesterday afternoon?

Damages from the flood amount to ten million dollars.

Does Barrio want it long, or short?

Dani, you're wanted on the phone.

That's the only way to do it.

That's what I don't understand.

This was missing.


Could you give us a minute, please?


Rebecca never really wanted to live in Boston.

Rainer didn't intend to hurt Anne.

Could someone tell me why Jakob is angry?

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This, however, is not possible.

I'm sure she loves me.

Is German so difficult to learn?


To keep holding the barrier up is just to wait for death! So we're going to go out past the wall and counter attack the enemy, you ready!?

Sharada's wife will provide an alibi for him.

I don't think Julius is going to hear us.

We should keep ourselves clean.

Olivier just arrived.

Ima just doesn't understand.

I'm still worried about her.

Mother chose this curtain.

He shut up the money in the safe.

It will soon be breakfast time.

Look, what we have to worry about is what we're going to do about Tollefsen.

They supplied the soldiers with enough food and water.

After we had tea, we began the discussion.

You don't hear me complaining, do you?

Know thyself!

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Just don't break anything.

Raman does this six days a week.

What do you have in your hand?

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The mother told her daughter to put those toys away.

He is always giving people a lot of trouble.

Dawn was a good-hearted guy.

Tanaka was arrested last week.

Give her some flowers in return for her kindness.

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How large is it?

You can also find many books in various formats at Project Gutenberg.

Whose ring is that?


This was not supposed to happen.

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Dan flossed his teeth.

My father's company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Don't let the dog in.

Thus, this is an ad hoc solution - good in practice but theoretically weak.

They had nausea.

Our house is conveniently located.

Aren't you enjoying yourself?

Thanks for doing that for her.

Tickets are selling fast and space is limited.


"Vaishnava Jana To" was one of Gandhi's favourite bhajans.

What's Swamy so nervous about?

She works well, just as usual.


Can I pick my own desk?


It's too loud in the club.

The incumbent's rival is taking issue with the claim that crime was reduced by 50% under the current administration.

He is an honor to his family.

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There are many factories in this part of the city.

The fire was burning brightly.

Do you think you're obese?

Melinda and Ssi eventually broke up.

I want to buy something to eat.


There's also a toilet on the fourth floor.


May I accompany you on your walk?


They accorded a warm welcome to the traveler.

Should I be talking to them?

It was a dangerous journey.

May I take a rest for a while?

Please give me the letter.

Let not my love be called idolatry, nor my beloved as an idol show, since all alike my songs and praises be to one, of one, still such, and ever so.

Every student has free access to the library.


How can I become rich?

Ramon wondered why Irvin had stayed in Boston.

Making love when you have kids at home can become a difficult undertaking.

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You have it wrong.

Tell her that I am watching the news.

He's not German, but Austrian.

It's a matter of time.

Randal sent flowers to his mother on her birthday.

If I had had my way, we wouldn't be in this mess right now.

It is easy to slip and fall during icy winters.


He was English.

I want you to call them now.

Max jumped out of the helicopter.

Where did you teach them?

Have you heard from Freddie?

She's about to leave.

I have a credit card.

The truth is Bret isn't really my brother.

Is that supposed to happen?

Do dolphins really sleep with one eye open?

My insurance coverage is too limited, so I guess I'll just have to live with my arm bones jutting out of my skin.


So I get no reception in this classroom.


They're not kidding.

Didn't you see Kuldip at the party?

Knute put his drink down.

Let's do it one more time.

Give this copy to Mason.

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Oh, you must be good at sports.


I'm fed up with English.

It's still really slippery here.

I hurt her feelings on purpose.

Does she drink milk?

It's not an easy question.

Go tell that to Louie.

Karen kept his gun pointed at Kanthan and told her not to move.

They wish to rent it for how long?

He pulled at his heartstrings.

Language as we know is a human invention.

My SO works at a language school and loves it very much.


Please fill out the following questionnaire.

He is by nature an artist.

I feel bad about lying.

I only used it once.

It is a story made out of whole cloth.

He is a retired man who volunteers to entertain patients in hospitals.

Aren't you dressed yet?

Have you ever thought about moving to Boston?

Matthew didn't commit the crimes he's been accused of.

Do you have any sales experience?

I'd like a chance to make myself clear.

Where did you see him?

He is addressed as "Doctor" in his laboratory.

The witch turned her boyfriend into a frog.

You, too, can achieve success if you try.

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It's a pleasant day, isn't it?

He holds a lot of land.

I thought you weren't coming here until this afternoon.


Hang up the phone now!


Can't we just ask Julianto to go?

I'm trying to help Roxanne.

Christian's family moved around quite a bit when he was a kid.

I've been out looking for them.

I think death is preferable to shame.

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One magazine is for boys, and another for girls.

Will anybody be at the station to meet me?

If your honor wants to, we'll go.

Look at this picture again.

We have common interests.


When are you going back to your own country?

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At first sight he seems to be a very competent person.

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Japan wanted to end any Russian threat to Korea.

I'm not allowed to go there.

Do you have a few minutes?

She made him a new suit.

I have paperwork to finish up.

Galen eventually agreed.

I'll make you a new suit.

I don't want to hear anything about her.

No man is good enough to be another man's master.


Just because I'm alone doesn't mean I'm lonely.


Mike said a few words as a suggestion.

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Speaking French is a lot of fun.

I felt my heart beat violently.

Don't worry. Jos can fix anything.


What do we do about Pratapwant?

We can forgive, but forgetting is impossible.

I'm not a disbeliever.


I was lucky.

This is what they have in common with other peoples.

His request was equivalent to an order.