It must have cost you a fortune.

She had to give up her dream.

I made a deposit in the bank yesterday.

Did you write it down?


Mariou and Guy got married three years after they first met.

He will come to the station by bus.

With any luck, there will be no school tomorrow.

Do whatever it takes.

Swamy's parole conditions require him to report to the police once a week.

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It is important to think over what you will do, to pursue your studies economically, and effectively.

I refuse.

Winnie needed the money.

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I fed the dog about an hour ago.

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Dan exploited immigrant workers like slaves.

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He was displeased with his neighbor.


Such a statement I would not dignify with a response.


The door burst open.


She went too far.

Could you drop this package off at Johan's on your way home?

He practices playing the guitar far into the night.

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It's going to be difficult for us to do that.


He lent me the money quite willingly.

It is important to pay special attention to your love life.

That's fine!


I can sing this song without looking at the lyrics.


Walt wouldn't dare show his face around here again.

He suddenly hit on a good idea while he was taking a bath.

I'm never coming back to Boston again.


We've brought you a surprise.

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That hotel will cost you much more during peak season than off-season.


This isn't my opinion, it's just what I've translated.

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Please don't bother about me.

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The older girl helped set the table.

Let go of him!

In spoiling her child, Stella made a rod for her own back in the years that were to follow.

They won the match again.

The man was a total stranger.

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Can you see anything over there?

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You should've married me.

Tie your shoelaces.

Donnie waited till the door was closed.


How much property does the landlord own?

I don't want you to go home.

Mikael deleted all the files off his thumb drive.

We elected Jim captain of our baseball team.

New Year's arriving.

Have you finished reading that book yet?

What's your sixth sense?

Even though Suyog grew up near the ocean, he never learned how to swim.

When she heard the news, she turned pale.


Kay couldn't care less.

Looks like his mom.

Brooke put his duffel bag down on the ground, and then unzipped it.

When I said I was an atheist she looked down on me.

Can we call them now?

Go play in traffic.

She went to France for the purpose of studying art.

I have an excuse.

Gyoza stuffing? I made some gyoza at home but, possibly because I didn't have enough dough, I had some of the filling left over.

Carry on with your business.

Take it, please.

Enough water is a necessary condition for life.

She may have left her umbrella on the bus.

There's plenty left.

Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.

Irwin wanted to live in a big city like Boston.

We have the boots in green, blue and yellow.


Kenn said he had a friend in Boston.

He is exempt from the military service.

The meat served up was tough and leathery.

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Thank you for letting me crash.

It's useless.

Let's do someone a favor.

I had never eaten any kind of Thai food, so I was pretty excited about going to a Thai restaurant with my grandmother.

The boy fell off the bed.

We'll have a big party on Monday.

The policeman put him in a chokehold.

Make solidarity and equal rights the cornerstone of public policy.

She enjoyed talking with him.

I bought her a new car.

We saw footprints of a bear in the snow.

It must be done more carefully.

Pablo could've talked to me first.

My hobbies are cooking and reading.

Pedro likes popcorn with lots of butter.

Solar energy does not threaten the environment.

Allen leased an office.


I wasn't supposed to survive.


I cannot move my tongue to tell this!

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They had two messages from their government.

His skill qualifies him for the job.

Greeks also eat a lot of fish.

We get closer, trying to understand each other, but just hurt each other and cry.

He worked more than five hours on end.

Jean-Pierre opened the trunk of the car.

I think it's time for you to leave now.

It's been almost 3 weeks since I got back to the States.

Flowers bloom.

I don't add sentences in Japanese.

In English at least, the name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with.

What's her plan?

I must be dreaming.

I could barely contain my indignation at her impudence.

Becky didn't like school until he entered junior high school.

Betsy dealt with the problem.

What do you like about Isabelle?

I suspect that you won't like it.

I think that he is from Egypt.


It's going to snow tomorrow.


He won't live more than one day.

Get away from me, you creep!

There were indeed seven of us.

We always associate snow with skiing.

He asked the general to recall his order.


I don't see what's wrong with that.

I wish I'd bought a white dress!

I recommend the public transport should be enhanced.

They listened to smooth jazz.

I have a friend who knows Cristopher.

We have to start.

Spock's troublemaking days are over.

I remember that night.

She can understand everything they are saying.


Did you remember to close the windows?


Pick out the shirt that you like best.

Was Kelly wrong?

Markus was nowhere in sight.

Now, tell me what I want to know.

After a year's practice, she plays the piano after a fashion.

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You know I'm from a different culture.

If men knew all that women thought, they'd be a thousand times more daring.

We study from six to eight hours a week.

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Blake has told us a lot about you.


There is no place for chauvinism in an equal society.

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This game is not bad.

This isn't about them, is it?

Randolph is Hubert's biological mother.

The battery ran down.

Kangaroo tail soup is known as an Australian dish, because kangaroos are found in Australia.

Does everyone in Sweden have blonde hair and blue eyes?

It looks like it might rain. Don't forget your umbrella.

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Why do you think Allen would do this?

We'll regret this.

The country is in ruins, yet still there are mountains and rivers.

Still, things haven't really improved.

This hole should be stopped up.

Jeannie and I talked about many things.

The puppy wants to sleep.

It's well past Jesse's bedtime.

This is a rough world we are living in.

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Yes, I am very scared of it.


I see them.

It'll take a few seconds.

The doctor advised him to cut back on drinking.


Jerry felt his cell phone vibrate in the inside pocket of his jacket.

This is Carrie Underwood's latest album.

Once the complaining starts, it never ends.

He seemed to be getting thinner every day.

I'm three hours away.

Bob filled the teapot with water.

Nils is spreading butter on the bread.