You have to do it again.

I dreamed I was water skiing.

Knudsen finished last.

I haven't been to Boston lately.

We often hear you sing.

Don't forget to lock the door.

I see no means of solving this.

If the problem lies within you, then no one else can help.

It's a legend.

Mind if I leave my homework here?

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How much does a room cost?

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They're a good team.

I can't describe how I felt.

Fletcher is old, but he's young at heart.

He has only six months to live.

I saw a wonderful fall there.

Drew put an arm around Srikanth.

Anatoly doesn't seem very hungry.

Carter played the tin whistle when she was young.

Kerry didn't know that the bridge was closed.

He began buying gold in huge amounts.

You said you wanted a family.

Sadly, Roman doesn't read books.

I was trying to get some help.


She was across in ten minutes.


Who speaks your language better, men or women?

I saw the mark of sadness that had remained on her face.

When the bartender totals the bill for a customer who is drunk and angry, he must be very careful to mind his P's and Q's.


I made a mistake and I'm sorry.

She's not answering the phone either.

Do you think she'd go out with me?


I liked to write in Chinese.

The short answer is no.

Meteoroids burn up in the atmosphere and fall to the Earth as dust. Every day, approximately 3000 metric tons of dusty space material falls to Earth.

She lives in poor circumstances.

They exulted in their unexpected success.

From the suburbs.

That's what they call 'prejudice'! It's wrong to make your mind up on something you've never experienced!


I want to know more about the accident that killed Norm.

He worked in a big city hospital.

I never knew there were so many different kinds of insects.


You didn't have to get off so early.

Applicants must be under thirty years old.

They appealed the court's decision.

Gordon is lying down in the back seat of his car.

You know you don't have to do this, Billy.

There might be delays in language development.

The public accounts committee caucused privately to write their final report, which had to remain confidential until it was formally tabled in parliament.

Will you still be here when I get back?

Donn got his revenge.


I'd love to know what's happening.


You don't look like Niels.

Wade witnessed the accident.

I would like to repay him for his kindness.

Your secret is safe with me.

I have traveled many times.


I fell in love with a woman.

We finally reached the lake.

I thought Christopher might be upset.


He is unquestionably the oldest man in the village.

Thanks for inviting me.

Maarten and his friends asked me to come with them.

Kikki took his daughter Penny to the park.

He warned me of the danger.


You have to see it to believe it.

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That's something I never do after lunch.

I have a prior engagement.

We came to a turn in the road.


She married an American.

You can put your name on a name tag.

"Where is his book?" "It is on the table."

It makes me nervous.

Norbert put the baby in the bassinet.

He's not always at home on Sundays.

Yesterday is already history, and tomorrow, a mystery. However, today is a present of fate, and presents are supposed to bring joy.

Ramiro should be there.

Where did Naoto want to sit?

My computer is old. Next month I will buy a new one on the internet.

I didn't look at him.


Dad built me a model of a ship.

It won't be as fun as you think.

Janice pulled a cigarette lighter out of his pocket.

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I didn't know what else to say to her.


That's our problem.

My son became able to count to 100.

Jose made it plain that he wanted Bernie to do the work by herself.

I think I'm about to get fired.

Son found this clock at a garage sale.

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Jupiter is so large that all of the other planets in the solar system could fit inside of it.

I don't do all that much.

This is all we have.


I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.

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All men die. Daniel is a man. Therefore, Ozan will die.


Jack is quiet now.

This is what Antonella wanted.

I know you're looking at me.

Why are you wearing that scarf?

I don't get a lot of requests for it.


You should have asked her for help.

Shall we go to the cinema?

For the peasant, fruits are more important than flowers.

There is little, if any, possibility of his success.

I'd like to exchange this book for another one.

I should've started earlier.

Books are the offspring of someone's mind.

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What do you know about this place?

She hasn't got a lot to give.

Take care of old people.

How did you hear the news?

Long story short, we failed.

I asked Mother to wake me up at four.

I don't like the look of him.


Now I'm fairly healthy again.

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Most boys admire baseball heroes.


That's up to them, not me.


Why doesn't he say it to her?


This box is square, not rectangular.

Tran died while in Boston.

Florian has three pieces of baggage.


That's such a cool idea.


They sell sugar at the store.

He is an environmentalist.

I've seen that picture before.

Maurice glanced around in astonishment.

I'm sorry I yelled at them.

Eric is certain to be surprised.

I turned to him for advice.

I want to drink a coffee.

When I moved into my new home, I just brought with me the things that I needed for cooking, an earthen rice cooker, an earthenware pot and an earthen charcoal brazier.

I feel very relaxed.

Is my laundry ready?

I'm not that stupid!

In class she's our teacher; after class she's our friend, and a good friend too.

I never go to bed before midnight.

Don't worry about a thing.

I don't like my father's attending the meeting.

Conceive. That is the word that means both the beginning in imagination and the end in creation.

Joyce told me that he needed space.

Gary is studying in his room now.


I was chosen for that.

Let's just all go talk to Joubert, OK?

I guess it's true.

I'd really like to get something to drink.

Are you trying to buy my silence?

Otherwise he would not have won the first prize.

We lost our chance.

Let's have some coffee during recess.

Leadership requires to manage men, but demands to reach compromises.

Tell me what happened to him.

What do you think of the book?

Lori wrote love letters to Heinrich.

There is a fixed standard in the king's principles.

A baby is adorable.

Kevin never hit me.

He did not say a word.

I promise you that it won't last long.


Let's economize on time.

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He seems to be interested in astronomy.


Does this bus go to the train station?

My parents told me we should respect the old.

Naim is a left-handed pitcher, but bats right-handed.

"What have I got, doctor?" "A cold."

I just came down here to get my cigarettes.

Barbra asked me to his apartment for dinner.

This is a story about Sherri.