Tyler looked down.

The tree was clearly defined against the sky.

The silence of the night comforts us.

Have you ever thought of becoming a writer?

I sure wouldn't mind a sip of some fine almond liqueur right now.


You should keep clear of that side of town.

I didn't want her to bother me.

Your battery is running low.

He came by car instead of by train.

Do you mind if I turn off the light?


I'm going to wait up for a while.


John's wife is an English teacher.

He was set free after doing five years in prison.

That could be anything.

The length of a day or a year varies but little.

We've got a problem here.

I'm done.

She trusts me.

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It made me feel lousy.


The most beautiful flowers have the sharpest thorns.

Raymond is really quite a remarkable person.

Let my hair down now if you can.

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I didn't mean to demean you.

Merton is more than a match for me in chess.

I don't even remember it.

We look back on days gone by, if not always with affections, at any rate with a kind of wistfulness.

How much did you pay?

Gil looked both ways before he crossed the busy street.

Rob is putting stuff in his backpack.


Please replace the empty ink jet cartridge in the printer.

You can visit NHK any time.

Let's talk about love.

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I used to be a cat lover.

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Does Australia have four seasons?

The store has numerous items to sell.

Just out of curiosity, did you have really have any fun?

This isn't as hard as it looks.

Because of the shock, she gave birth too soon.


He did not pay the debt and disappeared.

It is easy to slip and fall during icy winters.

Kamiya asked Harold some questions, but she didn't answer any of them.

I thought you were going to go to Boston.

Can we go inside?

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Didn't you know that the east Asian New Year is today?

You should get your car fixed.

Moore, who I shared the apartment with, moved out last month.

In a frenzy of despair...

It is illegal to copy from books without the author's permission.

They don't like to do that.

The way out is the way through.

Josh asked me out, but I told him where to go.

You must work hard in order not to fail.

We're not children, so don't treat us like children.

Martha is self employed.

I can't find the knife.

The server is down.

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Don grabbed my arm.

I had my hair cut at a barber's shop.

Hsi put on an apron.

She's vulgar.

Now we have to create one in two weeks.

Somebody caught me by the arm.

Marian is dishonest, isn't he?

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Dan had to pour a bucket of cold water over his head.


They decided not to buy the television.

They're in love with each other.

You never really talked about Gregor that much.

I told him I wanted to go to Boston.

We'd better leave.


Reid will always want you around.

I'd like to dedicate this song to my mom.

I don't think we'll have any problem with raising the money we need.

What's their purpose?

Please be careful with that one.

May I change the channel?

And if I had an opinion, I wouldn't tell it to you.

Ruth left this.

All hope abandon, ye who enter in.

She was surprised at the news.

Don't even worry about it.

He said I was his archenemy. How did we arrive at a situation like this?

I've always wanted to see if I could do that.

I've worked all night.

Nobody wants to be around me.

Passengers became nervous when the plane began to vibrate.

Don't ever say that.


Muskrats are responsible for the destruction of dams and dikes.

Ruth wants somebody to help him paint his house.

I'm older than Jess.

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I don't want to stay in bed any longer.

We can make it from here by taxi in time.

This question seems to allow two answers.

Meros is anything but a liar.

Audrey isn't photogenic.


Can you meet me after work?

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The upstairs window opened.


Things are different now.

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He tried to bring the argument to an end.


Wes will be back later today.


They kept running.


Grandma forgot to take her pills again.


She looked very beautiful in her new dress.

Do you really have to work this weekend?

Have you ever heard of Lucia Popp, who was a Slovakian opera singer?


You're expected to be here by 2:30.

What shall we buy with that money?

Don't forget to lock the door.

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I think that as long as I don't overeat, I will certainly lose weight.

We've never been to Boston.

Ken went to the supermarket to buy some eggs.

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I've come to warn you about what's going to happen.

I can speak French.

I keep your interests at heart all the time.

Olson has a pretty good idea who painted graffiti on his wall.

Hello, I am Bashir.

You have to keep fit.

There's something I've got to tell you.

You didn't let me answer.

Here are the gifts.


All the students recognized her as their representative.


Nicolo and I recognized each other even though we hadn't seen each other for years.

Devon has been lying all along.

Just then his boss came in and cut him down to size.

Ima put a worm on the hook.

They had a culture of their own.

It will have been raining a whole week if it is rainy tomorrow.

How does he go to school?


You are entitled to have a lawyer.

The content of his speech was interesting.

He said, that the slavic mythology wasn't such a consistent system like greek or roman mythology.


How do you know about him?

He frowned and turned away.

I feel lucky to have been chosen.

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He took a lot of chances in order to survive.

Sangho moved out here from Boston.

I didn't think this would happen.

When we are away from home, nothing gives us more pleasure than to receive a parcel from home.

Jiri checks his blood pressure once a week.

Dominic paid all his bills.

We got off on the wrong foot.

Attend to your business alone!

He was born on July 28th, 1888.


That was huge.

They are free from care and anxiety.

I don't want to debate this.


I wonder if his tax returns will stand close examination.


My sister is so irritating!

I don't know whether to go or to stay.

Oh no, really?

His irresponsibility astounds me.

He hugged her and kissed her.

She slapped her friend in the face.

I sincerely regret having caused you such an inconvenience.

The box is rotten.

Making cheese is an art.


We really thought we could do it.

People eat frankfurters, meatballs and potatosalad on New Year's eve in Finland.

Graham Greene is my favorite author.


I thought I'd lend you a hand.

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I wish you every success.