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Is he speaking English, French, or German?


Just give us a little more time.

He was proud that he was selected by the people.

I couldn't spot Valentin.

The river supplies cities and villages with water.

He said only one word: "Bosh!"

She is concerned with health foods.

Your bag is on my desk.

I'm going to take a bath first.

I am also filled with terror upon discovering your new president, but that is a discussion for another time!


Amos said that he'd always love Louise.

Is this the first time for you to have Japanese food?

No is hungry now.


Cathy now makes millions.


He scratched his head.


My goal is to get in this album one day.

He has the backing of a certain politician.

Please check your answers.

I can't get this old TV to work.

What more could a girl ask for?


The man took my arm.


And here's the reason.

I know why Reid was arrested.

You're all very nice people.

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He has a considerable income.

I just heard Morton.

Saumya's constant womanizing didn't do his marriage any good.

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I got married when I was nineteen.


What's your favorite soccer team?

There's nothing in this room.

She had a strange dream last night.


You have eaten enough.


Silence is the only answer to a fool.

I have to have it.

That's super easy.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

No cure was possible, despite the abatement of symptoms.

I know my way around Boston.

Everyone hesitated.

The woman Suu is going out with had been married 4 times.

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I promise that I won't let anything happen to you.


Howard didn't let his children go out at night.

She wears beautiful clothes.

In many English words, there are letters that aren't pronounced.

Laurianne didn't know that he was adopted until he was thirteen.

Adlai struggled frantically.

Their company created forty new jobs.

I don't have a headache.

She left for America the day before yesterday.

I have to do right by him.

My father passed away two years ago.

A dog has four legs.

That really hurts.

What did you buy from them?

As time went on, I came to doubt that that was everything I needed to know.

The evening of the same day saw our bus reach the scene of the accident.

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Treat the men well and the ore will come.

You'll have to ask her that.

The express train picked up speed gradually.

The man next door said he goes for a jog every morning.

When converting 1 mole of ice into water, and 1 mole of water into steam, which requires more energy?

He is finding it difficult to solve his problems.

After that, Mike tells Hiroshi to fasten his seat belt.

Rolfe always wears blue shirts.

The girl is drinking tea now.

Something might fall on you, so be careful.

My favorite fish is carp.


The news broke his heart.

Ram always uses the rice cooker that he brought back from Japan.

Tolerant is fine now, isn't he?


This'll do.

The wildest colt makes the best horse.

You'd better have your hair cut at once.

"Have you reserved a hotel room?" "Sorry, not yet."

Why are you doing this here?

He is not guilty of murder.

Mohammad is speaking French.

He had the face to tell me to clear off.

You might as well reason with the wolf as try to persuade that man.

I don't see anything wrong.

Did you give a copy of the disk to anyone?

Anything oral is fine by me.

I'm a bit worried because there is a constant banging noise coming from under the bonnet of my car.

He was born an artist.

We helped them.

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Talking of John, what has become of his sister?


Juliane and Kyle seem to know what they're doing.

I met with them today.

I don't like your going out alone.


"Okay, okay," said the doctor. "I'll definitely take a look at her."

I told Rod what the problem was.

There don't seem to be any serious problems.

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The number of looks equals the number of people.

She alone decided who could see him.

His dream will one day come true.

Your kiss is sweeter than honey.

Let's just talk.

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It is thought that it was at this time that he engaged in incest with his sister.

Give me a hand here, will you?

It's hard to tell.


Root thought that Val would like to go to Boston to see John.


Is it far from your place?

He brushes his teeth after his meals.

How long may I keep this?

Nou hoped Dorian would be impressed.

Did he forget his money again?

What can you see ahead?

Start with books that you can easily understand.


He is not kind to her.


It's hard to tell Trevor anything.

If you look closely, you don't see anything.

They are afraid of being alone.

I do some work for Elisabeth from time to time.

It's the Fairmont bus.


You are taller than me.

I slept.

That child is a picky eater.


Hy got a phone call from Vice.

I like her picture.

I didn't have the TV on at that time.

You're welcome here anytime, Monica.

Sanand is gone forever.

What else do we have?

You don't even know my name.

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Steen and Cindy had to cancel their trip to Australia.

I asked Diane some questions about his childhood.

You were Joanne's accomplice, weren't you?


Olson pointed to the floor.


We're excited about the challenge.


Francois and Nhan went to a medieval gathering.

Mason often sits for hours doing nothing.

She's their only daughter.

Don't let the price bother you!

Animals cannot distinguish between truth and falsehood.


Philosophy is the art of taking revenge on reality.


Here we go!

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Lynn is more of a tea kind of person.


He's not very good at it.

Can you see Kinch's boat?

May I open the box?

Can I talk to someone who speaks French?

Seven children died in a fire in Brooklyn.

We discussed the problem all afternoon.

Tommy said he was going to try to help us.

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Emil doesn't want to go with us.


He is well read in English literature.

What were you hoping to see?

Elliott spent three years in the Boston working as an undercover policeman.

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You've come to the right place.

We're here to support Jesper.

As innocent as a babe unborn.

It's great to have you back.

The old man had his only son die three years ago.

Now it's time to say good night.

She watched the children going back to school.

It's what Andre would want us to do.

He had a high opinion of her abilities.

Two trains collided head-on in Italy, killing 22 passengers.

Don't give up English.