Curtis is drinking water.

They are reading their newspapers.


He always takes the lead when we play dominoes.

I heard it.

Take a seat!


It is good for the health to take moderate exercise.


Do we really need this?


I'll tell you one thing: I wouldn't like to have his job.


I haven't had a boyfriend in ages.

I don't care how much it costs.

Newton's First Law says: "Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it".

I don't have to tell you squat.

You knew this would happen!

I didn't think Hienz was your type.

It must have been terrible.

Thad wasn't surprised that Tanaka wasn't on time.

Just tell Paola to stop kissing Hume.

So, are you all ready for Christmas?

Shamim came home drunk every night last week.


There are speaking animals in all people's folklore.

Courtney behaved quite badly.

I only have a minute.

Jean-Pierre stood up for what is right.

I used to stay up late.

Don't sing along.

I returned to the house.

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Morgan is allergic to fish.

Helen left the front door open.

Did you really stay home all night?

I don't know how to buy a ticket.

That's the last we saw of them.


Maybe I could like this.


He sang on-stage.

Tracey is an experienced salesman.

Glacial water gets its colour from rock flour.


I little imagined that she would come.


I'll let Helge know you called.

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I'm tired of being sick.


This film is for children.

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The word "house" evokes the mental image of a rectangular building with a roof and smoking chimney, which may be surrounded by grass and trees and inhabited by a happy family.

Peggy is a very nice man.

I've always liked Mah.

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You can't be too careful driving on the expressway.


But not in front of the choir.

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"Let's play Hop Skip And Jump like me," said the little white rabbit.

I wanted to get my mind off work.

Knapper finally got the nerve to ask Tricia out.


She drew out the money from the bank.

I was lost.

I came by bus.

She lived an unhappy life.

I hate pretending I'm having a good time.


I'm going to buy him something.

I need more vitamin D.

Don't make a fool of him.

I watched her leave.

Tareq is on a top secret mission.

I can't give it to you.

Ira opened a box of matches and lit one.


Do you have a birthmark?

Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.

Andre accidentally shot himself.

Irish folklore has it that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

It is five years since my father died.


I was scared to be alone in the dark.

He has read the book outside.

I love to party.

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Hiroyuki knows he will be punished.


He went so far as to hit her.

Correct the errors if there are any.

The student is working at sociology.


I did the web design for Bernard's blog.

Joyce never suspected anything.

Everybody tells themselves that.

He could do nothing but watch.

Eva's dog can swim well.

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You must not lack decorum dealing with your benefactors.

He was charged to continue this job.

If Chet had seen anything, he would have told us.

Are you suggesting that I not attend the meeting?

A small European shop opened inside, the mood is great!


Well done! That's not bad.

He doesn't own many books.

Tell Serdar it was a mistake.


Carole found a job for me.

That was the most successful party we've ever had.

Problems soon developed.


Cecilia had a fear that he would fall down.

The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.

In his retirement speech, Cristina said he wanted to be a family man who plays football rather than a footballer with a family.

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I wouldn't let that bother you.

The whole is worth more than the parts.

I don't want to eat with him.

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I'm going to be all right.

This paper is magical, it can turn into anything you want.

If only I can go to the concert!

Jeanette got a small portion of pie.

I know Joe is different.

I don't understand what you see in Sofoklis.

The burglar gained access to the house through a window.

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Charlene and Pablo decided to give things another chance.

There are 340 species of hummingbirds.

Rich people aren't always happy.


They could not get there quickly.


The other day, I got a call from her.


The king was pleased with him at first.

The Mayor addressed a large audience.

Why would anyone want to steal any of this?

Pedro had to wait for three hours.

Edward is not religious.

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This is a well-written book.

That man ate bread.

She doesn't like people who are not punctual.

Geoffrey says he might dye his goatee red and green for Christmas.

He yawned widely.

Mahmoud seems to be losing patience.

I've already done my homework.

Her toy was broken by her little sister.

I did everything for her.

It had to be a mistake.

Dick has been arrested again.

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The diagram above commutes if and only if f is an isomorphism.

He tapered off to one cigarette a day.

Put the baby to sleep.

We are humans and we are from Earth.

We are apt to make mistakes.

Neal and Glynn aren't the only two who don't understand.

Haven't we seen them before?

I was surprised when Carlo told me he loved me.

Single people enjoy more freedom to do what they want and enjoy living a less restricted social life.


Have you decided who you'll invite to the party?

We've got to get them a present.

Such was her joy that she shed tears.

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That sounded like him.

We know where it is.

Sharan thinks Rolf always packs way too much in her suitcase.

Women are all the same.

I don't like this one either.

She is alive!

We believe in you.


I guess theoretically it's possible.

He thinks he knows everything.

Irving seems friendlier than before.


Do you offer any type of tours?

What the hell is it with you?

They're paying rent.

Do you ever have to work on Sundays?

Earnie isn't helping me.

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Andrea sometimes stays up late at night.

Take it as it comes.

The sisters wore matching dresses.

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The twelve signs of the Zodiac are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.


How do you make your money?


I think that she's trying to make you jealous.

She put her hands over her ears to shut out the noise.

I wish you success in your work.